Buds Cherished Organics


A parent’s greatest joy comes from watching their infant grow and develop, reaching milestones and becoming more accomplished. Along with your love, your baby will also need to have it nutritional needs met, preferably with breastfeeding and later with organic foods. Another crucial ingredient is organic baby care, and we’ve got just the thing.

During the early stage, it is important to provide lots of extra care and protection, as their fragile little bodies learn to cope with all the new environment challenges around them. What better way to pamper your precious one than with the most luxurious range in the Buds family – the ultra mild and preservative-free Buds Cherished Organics.

What does it mean to be preservative-free?
Preservatives are used to ensure products keep well and safe for use. Most toiletries contain preservatives that kill bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, they have the potential to kill cells as well. Some companies use plant derived alcohol as a natural preservative, but it is very drying to the skin. So we have chosen to up the ante by creating totally preservative free products. We extend the shelf life of our products through intelligent pairings of ingredients which serve to preserve each other.

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