The Organic Pharmacy - Cleansers

The first step in The Organic Pharmacy routine is the Double Cleanse, a two-part stage involving the sequential use of a lipid-phase cleanser followed by an aqueous-phase cleanser, for a deep cleanse that removes all traces of make-up, impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum. This step preps the skin to receive the active substances of the subsequent phases, making them more efficacious.

When the skin is instantly clean and soft, it is ready to receive the subsequent products of the daily routine. It is advisable to Double Cleanse in the evening, when the face also has to be cleansed of make-up. Whereas in the morning, it is sufficient to use the aqueous-phase cleanser alone.

Lipid-Phase Cleanser: These are formulated using lipid-based ingredients. They cleanse and remove make-up from the face and eyes by affinity, by exploiting a kind of "magnet effect", because it attracts excess sebum, make-up and the impurities that have accumulated in the pores. They are ideal for all skin types: provide relief for dry and mature skins, respect sensitive skin and effectively removes sebum from oily or impure skins. 

Aqueous-Phase Cleanser: The second part of the double-cleanse step - is formulated using an active aqueous base in which functional ingredients are dissolved.  They cleanse by micellisation, ridding the skin of all the other impurities, such as sweat, dead cells and dusts, acting as a complement to the previous step. These are rinse-off gel cleansers that, when applied to the wet face, form a very pleasant, fine mousse.